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500A DC Multifuction Diesel Welding Generator

500A DC Multifuction Diesel Welding Generator

500A Multifunctional  DC Welding Generator is a new product of Fujian Bode Power Co., Ltd, we are very glad to launch this excited DC welding generator to all of our customer,

500A DC welding diesel generator
500A DC welding diesel generator

This welding generator enjoy below features:

  1. By adopting high qualtiy low speed diesel engine: can be used for high altitude, low ambient temperature. Supply various brand diesel engine for choice, like Changchai, Fawde, Perkins, Deutz, Cummins and other chinese or international famous brand diesel engine.
  2. The Welding use the intelligent technologies: with Manual Arc Welding (MMA), Gas Metal Arc Welding(GMAW) and Argon Arc Welding (TIG), can meet for various kinds welding processes.
  3. Adopting the advanced full bridge phase shift resonance oscillation soft switch DC/AC convert, dynamic characteristics of fast response, good welding performance.
  4. Dual welding output design: one welding generator set has double welding torch can be welded independence (For model BDW700C and BDW1000C).
  5. Welding over heat and over current protection: when over current or over heat, the welding will be protected to avoid the damaged of equipmenmt.
  6. Welding generator intelligent control: automatic control the diesel engine start and stop. Supply the complete protection, including High temp, Low oil pressure, Over speed, Low frequency, Over frequency, Low voltage, Over voltage and Over current.
  7. Special alternator with advanced and particular design: when you are welding, can supply AC electricity with three phase and single phase for the equipments in the working side, the independence output of single phase to ensure the balance of the output of three phase; when no welding, it can complete supply the electricity with three phase and single phase.
  8. Soundproof and weatherproof design: suitable for working outdoor.
  9. Generator output: with 50Hz or 60Hz and difference voltage to meet the requirements of difference country.
  10. Optional: can supply the trailer for the welding generator set, easy to move in the working place.

And below is our 500A DC multifuctional welding generator Control panel explaination:


[#toggle Title=”Control Panel For 500A DC Welding diesel generator”]

1.  Voltmeter and ammeter:

  • CV mode: the voltmeter display the setting welding voltage, ammeter display the speed of setting amount(0%-100%) of wire feeder, when you are not welding; display the actual output voltage and current, when you are welding.
  • CC mode: the voltmeter display actual output voltage; the ammeter display welding setting amount, when the welding is no load, display the actual current, then welding.

2.  Indicator of welding: when the welding connect to electricity, the lamp is bright on.

3.  Welding mode choice:

  • CV–Constant voltage mode: there are GMAW mode and GMAW locking mode, suitable for MIG and MAG welding processes.
  • GMAW–None-locking GMAW: press the switch of welding torch to start welding, lossen the switch of welding torch to stop welding.
  • GMAW locking–Locking GMAW: press the switch of welding torch to start welding, it will continue welding, when you lossen the switch, and press again the switch to end mode, lossen the switch to stop welding.
  • CC–Constant current mode
  • MMA–Stick
  • TIG–Simple DC TIG: Touch or scratch ARC.

4.  Fault indicator: When over current or over heat, the indicator will alarm.

5.  Potentiometer for welding current setting:

  • CV mode: Setting end arc current to minish wire solder ball;
  • CC mode: Setting welding current.

6.  Potentimeter for arc control:

  • CV mode setting arc rigidity: when the setting amount is big, increase arc control setting and decreases inductance, thereby decrease puddle fluidity(wetness), arc is soft, suitable for welding thick parts; Opposite, increase inductance, decrease arc control setting, increase puddle fluidity(wetness), arc is stiff, suitable for welding thin parts.
  • CC mode setting arc jog: when the setting amount is big, arc thrust is big, easy for start arc, suiiable for welding thick parts; Opposite, arc thrust is small, suitable for welding thinnest parts.

7.  Potentimeter for end arc voltage: setting ending arc voaltge to minish wire solder ball.

8.   Three phase four wire output socket, five core three phase generator output socket.

9.   Welding input breaker: connect and disconnect the welding power.

10. Welding output terminals, output welding power.

11. Seven core wire feeder socket, connect to wire feeder.

12. Protect gas pressure reducer heating power socket to supply the power for pressure reducer heating–AC36V.

13. Generator output breaker: connect and disconnect the generator output, three phase and single phase breaker are separately.

14. Single output socket, three core generator output socket.

15. Diesel engine pre-heating switch: when the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃, close this switch to heating the diesel engine air inlet to ensure the diesel engine can be started in the low temperature.

16.  Welding generator power switch: connect and disconnect for diesel engine running power.

17.  Diesel engine emergency stop button: press the emergency stop button to stop the diesel engine.

18.  Gas and wire feed checking switch: three position, normally working with NORMAL position;

  • NORMAL          Normal working
  • CHECK WIRE    Check wire feeder: wire feeder feed the wire solder
  • CHECK GAS     Check protection gas: open the protection gas valve, the protection gas flow from welding torch.

19.  Diesel engine controller: digital engine controller, controller the engine START/STOP, display various working data and protect the diesel engine.

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